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About Orientals can delight to talk endlessly, but to make sure their incredible uniqueness, You will be able to do as their owner! It is a real diamond among the rocks! Elegant creatures, possessed of incredible intellect, they immediately dazzle the wise eyes of emerald green eyes! If you are looking for a true friend, appreciate the communication and affection, intelligence, love and tenderness – it is Orientals! These cats will surround You with his unconditional love and devotion! Everyone, after talking with the Oriental, becomes a fan for life!

Cattery Oriental and Siamese cats was Eastward in the system: Association of Feline Clubs (AFC) - Association of Cat Clubs and is not far from Moscow in a green area of Moscow region, Odintsovo!

The breeding program of kennel Eastward aimed at growing healthy, high quality offspring with temperamental Oriental cat! Our Oriental and Siamese kittens grow up in an atmosphere of love, care and respect. Trained in good manners, healthy and happy. We invite You to get acquainted with each of them!

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All Oriental and Siamese kittens cattery Eastward, in accordance with the rules of the Association Cat Clubs cats are moving into their new homes in three months from birth, after a full vaccination and quarantine!

Our Orientals and Siamese